Manifesto for a 21st Century Music Industry

Imagine an industry where musicians have ultimate control over their own careers …

Introducing the Manifesto. Written by Melnyk, the Manifesto establishes the fundamentals of a new focus for the industry, shifting away from the label-controlled approach to put music back in the hands of those that should nurture it – the artist and their community.

Over the past few years it has become clear that the biggest issue facing the music industry is not piracy. It’s not the collapse of major labels, or the recession damaging retail sales.

It is the belief by artists that they cannot make it happen themselves.

If you are an artist looking for a sustainable career, where you can grow your skills and talent to continue to create, then the Manifesto is for you.

Download the e-book for free. The visit the FOR ARTISTS page to find out how Gaymonkey can work with you.

“Lots of stuff in there which will hopefully be of value to young and old musicians” – Rob da Bank

“Totally inspiring!” – Larry Tee